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It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to 皇冠体育365赌博&M University-商务. 我们的大学, departments and programs are comprised of committed faculty, 工作人员 and students who help foster an enriching campus environment. 在一个&M-商务, we transform lives through education and scholarship. I hope you prosper as part of the 狮子 family!

Provost and Vice 总统 for Academic Affairs


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Department of 制度的有效性 and 研究

The Department of 制度的有效性 and 研究 (IER) improves the quality of university services and academic programs by providing support to administrative and academic departments through planning and evaluation, 认证, 制度研究, survey design and analysis and more.

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The 学术技术办公室 improves experiences with myLEO 在线, 课程设计, accessibility and multimedia studio production for courses.

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皇冠体育365赌博ssociation for Black Personnel in Higher 教育

The 皇冠体育365赌博ssociation for Black Personnel in Higher 教育 (TABPHE) is a statewide, voluntary educational association that represents all levels of higher education and serves as a voice for Black faculty, 工作人员, students and administrators in order to ensure a better educational system for all. TABPHE provides an avenue for professional development opportunities that enrich higher education personnel and improve the quality of their professional growth.

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The 学业成功中心 (ASC) provides resources, 包括辅导, to help you succeed in your classes.

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国家授权 is the process of gaining approval from other states to operate within their borders. This improves consumer protection and students' ability to participate in distance education courses.

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The 德州成功倡议 (TSI) Assessment is designed to help your college or university determine if you are ready for college-level coursework.

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The Ombuds Office ensures that every voice at 皇冠体育365赌博&M University-商务 is heard, without fear of loss of privacy, retribution or retaliation and that problems can receive impartial attention.

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教师主导的学生资助 is an initiative that supports faculty efforts to engage with students by offering funded opportunities both in and outside the classroom. Campus-wide collaboration is encouraged between colleges, student affairs and student organizations.

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投资美国 offers a professional development program at no cost to 皇冠体育365赌博&M University-商务 faculty and 工作人员 through a series of credit-bearing, academic, master classes. The program promotes a supportive environment for employees seeking to learn, grow and thrive in their careers.

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Artificial Intelligence Initiative

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Initiative focuses on integrating AI into several areas of the university, from teaching to service delivery. Its primary goal is to leverage AI for student success.

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With both professional and liberal arts programs, A&M-商务 recognizes general education as a necessary component in the development of all students.



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